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Sexual issues in Christianity
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christianitysex is for the discussion of sexual issues as they relate to Christianity. Such issues include (but are not limited to) homosexuality, masturbation, gay marriage, sexual practices, and sexual morality.

This community is intended to be an overflow area for christianity, to free that community of the sexual content which overwhelmed it. Rule of thumb: if what you want to say contains the word 'sex' in it, it probably belongs here.

This is an open forum which is often the stage for a wide range of debate from a wide variety of perspectives. foxmagic owns this community. I'll grant a lot of leeway, I don't intend to censor or otherwise interfere with sincere discussion, but there are a few ground rules I need to set down.
  • Don't cause trouble for trouble's sake. Pointless drama is not appreciated.

  • You have the right to ignore any post or comment here. You are not obliged to get into shouting matches with other people in this community. If you don't like where a thread is going, walk away from it.

  • If a journal entry in this community appears to be a troll or spam, I will delete it.

  • Do not crosspost the same message here as in other communities, especially christianity. Stuff that belongs here doesn't belong there, and vice-versa.

  • Do not post the entirety of a copyrighted article here. This is a copyright violation and it violates the LJ terms-of-service (XVI.6). Instead, post a summary and a link to the original.
If you see a post or a comment which isn't appropriate to this community, please notify me by email or a comment in my own journal and I'll take care of it.

And here are a few guidelines:
  • Please note that just because the community discusses controversial topics doesn't entitle you to go around insulting people. Please act mature.

  • Please don't delete comments or posts, freeze threads, or disable or screen comments. This is a place for free and open discussion. (If you don't want your inbox to be overwhelmed by comments, select "Don't e-mail" next to "Allow comments" when you post.)