annemarie (ex_annemarie10) wrote in christianitysex,

oral sex question

Let me preface this by saying my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now.

Now to the heart of the matter. My husband and I both love giving oral sex to each other. We both love receiving it too. I always try to fulfill is wishes when it comes to me giving him oral sex. However, for the last few months, unless I'm on my period when getting pregnant would be highly unlikely, anytime I've given him oral sex, I've ended up with this nagging thought that I might be cheating us of the opportunity of getting pregnant. I guess I would hate to think that it might have been the exact time for me to get pregnant and we had oral sex instead of intercourse.

Have any of you ever experienced something like this? Do you have any suggestions for me so I won't feel so guilty about it?
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