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Because Jesus rode a donkey.

Because the Christian Left groups haven't been super active lately and there are some recent issues around these days, I created this in the hopes of getting a more active community going. I also just got word I was accepted to seminary today, so my first act as a potential employer for the Church of Christ is to create this! :-D

Everyone, "Jew or Greek, Slave or Free" Man, Woman or Child (brownie points if you catch the reference) can join. It does not matter if you are Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim. If you are Christian maybe you want more fellowship. If you are a non-Christian maybe you want to understand this weird cosmic-Jewish zombie the Christians worship, so maybe you have questions. It does not matter, you are welcome here.

However, this group shares the beliefs of the ELCA, the Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian (USA) and other such churches. This group is on the moderate to liberal side of Christianity. If that makes you uncomfortable it is probably wise to not join.

Anyway, here it is!


Brought to you by myself and the lovely evilnel
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