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Each time I ask a christian about this subject, I never really get a clear answer so I'm asking this site:
Is masturbation a sin?  I plan to remain pure until I get married, but I've found this to be a bit of a problem ever since I've entered my teen years. The temptation is so hard to resist so I've using masturbation to try to remain pure. But is this still considered remaining pure? 
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We all have urges, so I would say, masterbation helps prevent sin.
Besides we're all sinners, we all fall short, so I would say if masterbation is the worst you're doing, you're doing well. :-)
I wish I could say masterbation's the worst thing I've done, but like most people, I can't. I'm trying to clean up my act though.
i've always seen it like this: premarital sex is bad. masturbation is premarital sex with yourself. hence i choose to avoid it. not everyone follows my logic though. you may choose not too.
I had a feeling it might count as that. I've tried to avoid it for many years, and then I finally snapped. I figured it was because of the guilt that comes afterward. :/ To be honest, I'm not sure if I could go back to not doing so.
Aren't you already married to yourself? You have to live with yourself day and night, not to mention sleep with yourself day and night.
I would consider you to still be pure. Sex is a really strong urge and to a teen it's a new urge you've never experienced before. I've often wondered if God didn't give us masturbation as an alternative to premarital sex.

I do think you can get in too much of a habit with masturbation but once in awhile I don't think it is bad if it brings you relief and helps keep you from temptation to have sex with someone.
I definitely agree about sex being a strong (and sometimes irritating) urge. I've been told by peers that once you are completely sexually active, its hard to go back to refraining from sex. Apparently the same goes for masterbation.

I've always wondered why God would make humans have this urge at an early age when he wants us all to wait until we're married. It makes it more difficult.
I think this only counts if the sex is enjoyable. I've been raped, so I certainly am not looking forward to sex.
:( I don't get how some people can just act to monstrous and rape others. I hope you are able to heal (if you have not already). I cannot even imagine the damage a rapist does to their victims (physically and emotionally).
In Biblical times, people got married at 12-15 years old.
oh yeah, I forgot about that :/
I'm going to be the "liberal" one here and say it's not bad by itself. Since pornography is really just a form of prostitution (paying people to have sex), that is definitely sinful. Just remember it's fantasy.

The other side of the coin is that the more you masterbate, the more you want to masterbate! And if it controls you (affecting your real life), then you've let something natural and normal be a shackle to your soul.

Hope that gives you one good perspective.
Are you saying that lusting to make the fantasy real is sinful, or that looking at it and getting aroused is wrong even if you know its a fantasy? (I'm hoping the way I phrased that made sense) Does amateur porn count as prostitution?

I've noticed that masterbating causes you to want more, but it feels so great to indulge every time.

*I'm sorry if I sound like a complete creep, but I've been struggling to refrain for years and I've snapped. Plus the summer weather doesn't help either. >.<

That's a really tough question. I think some fantasy is fine and even healthly in some respects. But I've seen so many people take it too far and let it cause negative sexual training, obsessiveness, social disintegration, and even health issues. For me, that's where I draw the line, but there are many christians who draw the line more conservatively.

Just because you get aroused at something, it's not sinful... it's normal. We all explore our sexuality at some point and that's needed for a healthy adult. I don't think you should feel guilty for masterbating. But I strongly caution you against watching porn just to get off.

I think annemarie's comment said it really well. I'll add: I believe God make this urge strong to 1) encourage us to procreate (though you do not have to) and 2) encourage us to form a permanent, secure bond with another person while we're on earth.
At least I know I'm strong enough not to let any fantasies become reality. I try not to make sure it get to the point of obsessiveness.

As for being curious about porn, I don't think I'm so curious about it anymore so I'll stop looking at it. I feel really guilty about even looking into it (but I know I should feel guilty about this).
It's good to ask questions sometimes. I hope you've gained some
spiritual wisdom from the discussion here.
No, masturbation is not a sin-organized religion only tells you that to control you through guilt and your sexuality. There is no reason why masturbation should be a sin. I strongly suggest ignoring organized religion on this.
I am Christian, if that matters.
I've heard that many religions discourage this so I guess it makes sense to control through your sexuality.

Thanks for your opinion.
Depends on who you ask and what definition of "pure" you're using. Since we're all tainted by sin, remaining "pure" isn't really viable anyways.

But besides that, whether it's a sin or not is debatable. Technically, the sin is lust, as actual masturbation is a mechanical physical act, and sin comes from the heart not from our actions. The other negative is if you're addicted to it, where you can't control yourself, you have to masturbate to feel "normal".
Does that mean that if you're masterbating to just relieve yourself instead of masterbating out of wanting someone, it's okay, as long as you're not lusting for someone (especially if that person you know is married)?

Luckily, I'm not addicted.
That's what I would say, yes.
God is understanding and forgiving to a fault. Don't kill yourself trying to please men.
I try not to, but that sometimes gets the best of me at times. I suck at just getting guys to notice me, so its hard for me not to get stressed over that sort of stuff. -_-

Thank goodness God is understanding.
This whole post has definitely helped me with my view on masturbation and my bond with God. I'm definitely grateful that I found this.