annemarie (ex_annemarie10) wrote in christianitysex,

More than just sex, a chance to get away with the spouse

This was based on something one of our employees said this week. There were five of us ladies from work at lunch and we got to discussing the number of states that each of us had been to. The youngest girl there piped up and said, "Well, I've only been to four states but I've had sex in two of them. That's pretty good." We all got a laugh out if it but it also gave me something to think about doing with my husband.

I think it would be neat to make it a goal to have sex with your spouse in at least one or two new states every year. So far my husband and I have had sex in seven states for sure. I can't remember if we had sex in South Carolina or not. I know we spent the night there but I didn't count it just because I can't remember.

I mentioned it to him and he said he liked the idea. We should try to add at least two new states this year. The real possibilities are Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, West Virginia and maybe Mississippi.

This may sound kinda frivolous but think about it. These would be mostly weekend trips we could take with each other. It would give us a nice chance to talk and get away from our everyday stresses and woes. It would be about sex, yes, but it would also be a nice time to share with each other.

What are your thoughts?
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